“A self-proclaimed ‘facilitator of joy’, Emma has been successful in raising millions of Dollars, Euros, and Reals whilst ensuring long lasting sustainable giving practices are implemented and maintained, bringing the positive and joyful impact that both donors and fund recipients are looking for”.

Emma Zigan has recently returned home after 12 years working internationally, predominately in the Fundraising sector, and with a background as a Director in Sales & Marketing here in NZ, she brings with her a wealth of kiwi knowledge and international experience expanding our team’s expertise and global perspective.

Having worked in educational advancement in North & South America and Europe, she’s been responsible for not only substantially raising the bar on existing programs but has instigated and developed successful new fundraising and alumni relations programs. Some of the things she’s been leading include: creating sustainable giving and asking cultures, setting up Advancement offices, Giving Days, board & volunteer management, annual and capital campaigns, grant applications, corporate partnerships and sponsorships, project planning development and implementation, marketing and strategy, databases, multitudes of communication, and planning and coordinating significant donor solicitation and stewardship events.

Emma has been recognised as a thought leader in her field, presenting at industry conferences, holding workshops, and sitting on advisory boards. Her highly developed and diverse cultural understanding and drive to work collaboratively and inclusively, means that she is well placed to mentor and share her expertise and skills, and in doing so, driving positive change for people and planet.