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As an arranger and facilitator of impact investment projects, Impact Architects provides a unique range of experience, skills, and abilities that enable clients to grow and diversify investment and revenue to deliver greater impact and ensure sustainability for their organisations .

For impact investment to be at scale, there is a real need for the investment sector to work with partners that they haven’t historically worked with. The social purpose sector has traditionally financed social and environmental outcomes through government funding and philanthropy but is often fiscally constrained when it comes to delivering impact at scale. While well suited to delivering greater impact collectively, the challenge is that these two groups haven’t often worked together before. This is where we come in. Our role is to bring these two parties together and find ways to unlock capital to achieve a variety of societal goals, impact at scale that benefits people and planet and also to provide investors with a financial return.

We have a strong foundation and a commitment to work together with our clients to provide exceptional impact investment solutions. Years of experience in consulting and working with the social purpose sector has shaped us and added to our strengths and distinctive character. With over 30 years of combined experience, expertise and complementary skills, we understand the needs, nuances, unique characteristics and cultural aspects of the social purpose sector.

Impact Architects understand the needs and expectations of social purpose organisations and impact investors, ranging from large institutional and pension fund investors, to private foundations, to high-net-worth individuals looking to expand on their commitment to meet the needs of our communities. 

Impact Architects provide the following services:

Designing and Facilitating Social Impact Investment For Social Purpose Organisations

We provide clients globally relevant insights with a focus on developing investor-centric social Impact investment solutions. We develop new and innovative models and as well as tried and tested models and applications for projects, where social impact investment solutions are most suited.

As arrangers and facilitators, we assist organisations to be investment ready. We also review projects that are well suited for Impact Investment, engage with social investors, develop impact measurement frameworks and tools that deliver great social and environments returns in addition to the financial return for key projects.

Investment ready clients can take advantage of these services to complement philanthropic giving to meet the needs to further their mission for people and planet.

Presenting effective Impact Investment opportunities for Impact Investors

We design and facilitate innovative impact investments for a range of impact investors targeting returns ranging from below market rates to market rates. Options are based on investors’ strategic goals, whether they are an impact first or finance first investor and the alignment of opportunities associated with each investment.

Impact Measurement and Impact Reporting

Impact Architects design and assist clients in developing the theory of change, engaging with key stakeholders to develop impact measures, develop measurement frameworks and reporting to meet the needs of impact investors and other key stakeholders.

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