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Impact Architects is an impact investment facilitator. We bring the social purpose sector and the investment community together by designing, structuring and facilitating great impact investment deals that drive mission aligned positive impact for people and planet.

We work with our clients to deliver impact investment solutions that compliment traditional funding and philanthropy in the social purpose sector, with the intention of driving mission-aligned positive impact. We deliver globally relevant insights and innovations to clients with a focus on investor-centric approaches to impact investment solutions and are actively developing new models and applications for projects where impact investment solutions are applicable.

Impact Architects provides a unique range of experience, skills, and abilities that enable its clients to grow and diversify investment and revenue to ensure greater sustainability.

Impact Architects understands the needs and expectations of impact investors, ranging from large institutional and pension fund investors, to private foundations, to high-net-worth individuals. This has led to opportunities to initiate and collaborate on projects leading to implementation of impact investment.

Impact investment can provide enhanced opportunities for organisations to grow and meet growing needs, and to become more enterprising and ultimately more sustainable. This provides organisations with an opportunity to scale up projects, implement priority projects where financial resources are constrained, or fast-track projects that can deliver greater impact faster.

Our Team

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Clive Pedley

Director / Chief Executive

Nigel Harris

Founding Partner – Giving Architects Australia
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Emma Zigan

Associate Director
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David Carrington

International Advisor – UK
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Marie De Silva

Digital Marketing Consultant

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